Situated in the hinterland of Salento, Azienda agrituristica la Contessa dei fratelli Giannaccari offers its guests a real life experience in the countryside, immersed in an ancient olive grove And a few kilometers away from important tourist destinations.

The company

We are a farm of 16 hectares, planted mainly with olives of native varieties 'Cellina' and 'Ogliarola', producing oil with a high percentage of 'Nature', as we like to say.

We believe in a model of sustainable development and strive to achieve it with 'clean' agricultural production methods. Only mechanical weeding is used, and with flocks grazing the pasture, organic matter is returned to the soil acting as natural fertilizer for the olives.

We use various wild herbs from the farm in the restaurant.

We encourage the biodiversity by protecting and integrating our Mediterranean flora: a grove of pines and eucalyptus trees and an area of scrub-land (or macchia) with rock-rose, broom, saffron crocus and other plants, and where indigenous orchids flower in the springtime.

Azienda agrituristica la Contessa dei fratelli Giannaccari

The farm

'Agriturismo' means offering hospitality in a farm setting.

For us , it means care and respect for nature, with passion and tradition in our welcome, attention and preparation of food.

Simplicity is the guiding force in the management of our farm.
The place we offer is homely, but simple,and quiet for those who want to relax with a break away from the hectic rhythms of everyday life. However, it is also in an ideal position to reach artistic and historic locations, museums and areas of natural beauty.
Our goal is to pursue a sustainable standard of quality without excess so we can offer an experience which our guests can appreciate.

For consistency we have excluded things which we feel are a departure from country living. For example, we have not created a swimming pool (which requires a wasteful input of energy, water and chemical additives), because the sea, a short distance away, offers water for swimming and constant coolness. In accordance with the policy of 'zero impact', the construction of our guest accommodation ensures freshness and comfort, with only some rooms having air-conditioning. We generate electricity from solar panels, and soon will similarly produce hot water. We do not provide TV or wi-fi in the rooms, but each room or apartment has an entrance that opens directly onto the natural environment.